Business Should Invest In SEO

Many companies hire a marketing agency to develop a solid SEO optimized website infrastructure. Cost effective is better because will attract more clients through organic traffic.

Business owners really need to learn how marketing a product or a service without spend a fortune, and SEO is the answer.

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Google Penalize

Google has been aggressively going after companies that it believes are violating its SEO guidelines in recent months, particularly link networks. This is first penalty that we know of against what Google considers a “guest blog network.” Google on Friday announced taking action on the following: German link network efamous; another German agency network; and Spanish and Italian link networks.

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CES 2014

From January 7 to 10 this 2014, more than 20,000 new products are expected to be shown off to 152,000 tech trade attendees at 2014′s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in las Vegas, Nevada.
with the very best brands in technology showing off their lasted gadgets!

New smartphones, new tablets, computers, car tech, ultra high definition TVs, wearable tech, and much more.

CES 2014 It’s a huge event! one of the big gossip around the CES 2014 is the new Samsung Galaxy Round and Galaxy S5. Meanwhile Sony is reportedly working on a virtual reality headset for the PS4.

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Increase Website Traffic with SEO

The importance of  a powerful SEO campaign is reflected in the traffic of the website promoted, generating visits and possible new clients and sales.  But now more than ever it is important to have an SEO plan for your business because the days of promoting a website of business using Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is no longer economical.

If you want to promote your business using a PPC ads from Google, Bing or Yahoo, then think again.

Criminals for years had used the ZeroAccess “botnet,” which combines the power of more than 2 million hijacked computers. Microsoft disrupts ZeroAccess web fraud botnet ZeroAccess! one of the most robust and durable botnets in operation today and was built to be resilient to disruption efforts,” Microsoft said.

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Online Retailing Growth Doubles in the UK 2013

The  UK is one of the most internet-based economies in the world according to researchers, that the reason on-line retail sales growth doubled on the month in August as the march of e-commerce continues to build pace.

E-Commerce Europe, an umbrella association for national e-commerce industry organisations across the continent, calculates that Europe’s market was worth  (£347bn) in sales during the current 2013. In the UK more than 300,000 of the Europe’s online retailers, with a market worth €96bn. Not bad at all!

But how to get a piece of the pie? This on-line Bonanza is not so easy to archive. To build an  eCommerce website involve several steps, one critical step is to decide your payment platform. also your CMS (Content management system) and so on.

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Every Small Business Must Have A Website

In these modern times it is a must for every business to have an on-line webpage that is easy to access, where potential clients can choose the best services and products for their budget.
In recent years in the UK we have seen many high street businesses go into administration. The problem is not the lack of offers or clients but the lack of accessibility to merchandise. More and more people are look for the best possible offers on the internet, saving them the time and the struggle with other shoppers on the high street, especially with the seasonal weather and the Christmas crowds.

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CMS Usage Statistics 2013

Content management system is a software that helps you keep track of each and every piece of your content on the website. In 2013 we are making an analysts to know the trend statistics and more.

Building a webpage never has been so easy using a CMS as platform! you just need to choose simple things, because the structure is already there.  Templates are super easy to place in the CMS, and you can find markets selling tons of web templates to choose from.

According to W3Techs, 70.7% websites do not use a content management system (CMS) at all. Out of 29.3% of the sites that use a CMS, 53.8% is attributed to WordPress, which means that 15.8% of all sites currently operating online give preference to WP. This is a huge market share, which also means that WordPress has an enormous community of developers who constantly generate new plugins and participate on the Q&A sites.

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Bitcoins The New Gold

Bitcoins have already 4 years and yet not many people are familiar with, but gold and Bitcoins prices moved in the same direction. Recently the US Senate will hear that Bitcoin has the same benefits and risks as other online-payment methods, after the hearing.

The Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is exploring the “promises and risks” of Bitcoin for “government and society at large”.

Not yet. The virtual currency seems to be replacing gold as protection against a decline in the value of paper currencies. Besides, there are some indications that Bitcoins are gaining acceptance as a medium of exchange — a role previously reserved for national currencies.

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SEO Tips 2013

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