Every Small Business Must Have A Website

In these modern times it is a must for every business to have an on-line webpage that is easy to access, where potential clients can choose the best services and products for their budget.
In recent years in the UK we have seen many high street businesses go into administration. The problem is not the lack of offers or clients but the lack of accessibility to merchandise. More and more people are look for the best possible offers on the internet, saving them the time and the struggle with other shoppers on the high street, especially with the seasonal weather and the Christmas crowds.

Their is an article on the BBC website about booming sales on the first Monday of December,  and this years sales are higher than ever.


Online sales

Dubbed Cyber Monday, retailers hope consumers will take advantage of a flurry of sales and discounts.

Card payment firm Visa expects £450m to be spent, with 7.7 million online transactions, up 16% on 2012, making 2 December the busiest day of the year for e-commerce.

John Lewis expects 80,000 orders, while Amazon hopes for over 3.5 million.  According to BBC News.

To some degree business logic tell us that good customer service and a good product or service will guarantee the success of any business; but now all businesses need to modernised their structure, they need to be on-line, trade on-line and advertise on-line. Buying in to this future trend may be the one guarantee to the success of any business model. Whether it’s product or service-based, businesses trading on the internet as well as at their premises have a better chance for a solid future.

So if you have already a business consider first launch a website second consider  a marketing SEO campaign to ensure good exposure on the internet.