Website Design And Development Tips For 2021

Website Design And Development

In today’s global business, just having a web presence isn’t enough. An efficient, effective, interactive website is required to maximise opportunity and engage real, live, human readers. But, unfortunately, the internet is teeming with lousy website designs that fall short on both the technical and content fronts. Worse, both clients and developers are equally responsible … Read more

How To Prevent Overusing Web Hosting Account’s Resources


As a hosting provider, you must keep track of the evolution of technologies in this field such, as programming languages, coding and security, to mention some. Being a hosting provider necessitates a high level of dedication and presence in these areas since your clients want you to offer a solution when they are in difficulty. … Read more

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What makes a good website design?

Good website design

Most Important Factors of Website Design The internet is a busy and competitive space. It gives your prospective customers a wealth of choice. Before you can show your capabilities in your field, you will need to stand out from the crowd and give customers a reason to pick you. One way to stand out is … Read more

New Trends in Web Design


The internet is a rapidly changing place. And if you cannot keep up with the latest trends, then your website and services will quickly feel outdated. Discover below the most influential web design trends in 2021, and how Teksyte can help you keep up with them. More Dynamic Websites   All web designers are expected … Read more

Best web design trend in 2021

Bets web design trend in 2020

Web design trends are constantly evolving and changing; every year many website designers push new boundaries by testing new styles, discovering whats catch the eye of people browsing the internet to deliver great website design experiences and concepts with user-friendly and enhanced for the new technologies, archiving the right combination in a website can make … Read more

WordPress 5.4 May Feature Image Lazy-Loading by Default

WordPress 5.4-lazy Loading

New WordPress 5.4 will bring image lazy-loading feature by default. The concept of lazy loading allows a webpage to render without loading certain resources until they are needed. This leads to faster page loads and saves data on the visitor’s end. Lazy loading is particularly useful when rendering images on the web. Lazy-loading, it is … Read more

Steps To Find The Right Graphic Designer For You

Graphic Designer

Any kind of business in the world needs an image to illustrate a service, product or just a simple idea, and that is the moment when you need to hire a designer. But unless you know someone already, the task to find someone reliable, inspirational and cost-effective in the graphic industry, maybe will be putting … Read more

Web design guidelines for the perfect business website

Web design Guidelines

Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, your most important asset for marketing your products or services for little cost is your website – a web domain can be picked for just a few pounds.    Despite a new trend for “drag and drop” website builders, the best way to ensure your website is of a … Read more