New Trends in Web Design

The internet is a rapidly changing place. And if you cannot keep up with the latest trends, then your website and services will quickly feel outdated. Discover below the most influential web design trends in 2021, and how Teksyte can help you keep up with them.

More Dynamic Websites


All web designers are expected to make their websites actively respond to the user. Making the passive actions of the user, such as scrolling or moving the mouse, have an active effect that can bring any website to life.

A small number of parallax animations can be a classy way of making a website more engaging. Parallax animations are where the user’s movement of the mouse makes the web page scroll. Used correctly, it can be a more engaging way to use a website and it can provide a 3D effect to your graphic design.

It is important to remember not to go over the top with these effects. Great web design has nuance and adds-to rather than detracts from the effect of the website.



In 2021, devices and internet connections will be faster than ever before. Speed allows for the websites of the future to have much higher performance demands. Multimedia is emerging on websites at a rapid rate, with playable audio and video becoming a staple for the modern internet. When used effectively, multimedia makes your website much more entertaining.

Again it is important to not overcomplicate your site. It can be tempting to try to squeeze in as much multimedia as possible. This will feel confusing and incoherent for your users. You should be even more sparing with autoplay features and should use clear ‘play’ buttons for most multimedia.


Natural Graphic Design


The restraint and class required in the dynamic aspects of the modern website extend to the more artistic elements of your website. Artistic decisions are expected to be natural and not garish. When choosing colours, your website will need to go for a more muted and less bright approach. Such colours will make your website much more usable.

The surface that these colours are placed on are also important. Solid blocks of flat colour are outdated. It is better to place colour on a grained surface. Grainy surfaces can give your website a more retro and homely appearance.


Fitting the Needs of Your Users


No two users of your site will be the same. They will all have very different design preferences. Modern websites can be customisable to the users. The most common and effective way of doing this is by giving the user a slider to control the brightness of the colours. User customisation will make them feel more valued and at home using your services.


Top Quality Web Design with Teksyte


Teksyte is a top-quality digital marketing firm. Along with their work on Search Engine Optimisation and social media, they are involved with graphic and website design. Teksyte can be trusted to keep you up to date with all the latest trends in web design and are an excellent choice when choosing a web design provider.

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