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Laptop Repair Specialists Uk Web Project
Laptop Repair Specialists Uk Web Project watch repair uk - web sample laptop repair specialists uk 21 - watch repair UK Website Project: 

This website was created using WordPress as CMS; The design is responsive and fully compatible with different screen sizes. This blog page is easy to crawl by search engines and very easy to navigate by human users providing information relevant to watches and jewellery.

This Mini-website promote services from watchrepairshop brand, UK. The company is dedicated to providing a high level of assistance and support to those with watchest problems. They provide all kinds of watch repair and restorations, watch glass cutting and replacement battery replacement engraving and much more.

Website fully optimised for SEO with: Sitemap, favicon, pictures compression plus ATL= text tagging, Code compression, plus cache module for improving website speed, Page title and snippets for increase indexation by search engine, social channel creation (social branding) linked and verified and more…

This Web Design project can be seen live at the following link: