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Teksyte is a full-service social media marketing agency located in London and specialising in Social PR. We can connect brands with their audience, drive participation, build trust, and generate growth. Our marketing campaigns can be short or long term and can adjust to any budget.


In today’s digital world, it is vital for any brand or business to have an integrated, multi-channel social marketing campaign that includes; creating and maintaining brand messaging, facilitating sales, strengthening public relations, and providing customer service.


Teksyte can help you control your social media and other channels to generate leads, distribute your promotions or mention your services, monitor your reputation, and build your brand.


We can create new social channels with stunning covers, rebranding your old socials or simply linking and verifying your official social channels with your official website to maximise the visibility of your brand on the internet!

Social Media Services
Social Media Branding


Teksyte is a social marketing agency that builds effective and integrated marketing campaigns for businesses and organisations; we take advantage of professional tools to create original ads tailored for your brand, engaging snippets, using the right tags to deliver your message and keeping your social channels totally updated on a daily basis. We aim to develop more meaningful engagement with your clients and prospective customers.

We are a professional team of social media strategists, graphic designers and innovative storytellers with a passion for communicating your brand’s message in a creative, clever and unique way.

There are a number of techniques we can use to efficiently create a social media campaign for your brand and reach your desired audience. When it comes to targeting a brand’s audience, our effective social media marketing strategists can create, deliver and measure the success of any organic social media campaign.

Teksyte will help you harness the power of Social media channels. Our mission is to help your brand grow! We have great experience working with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram.