Website design in London

The world of business has been moving towards e-commerce for a while now, and businesses in London are struggling to get ahead of the curve.  We all use the internet, for social media, shopping, research or playing games but we rarely think about the difficulties of getting ahead in the industry. If you’ve ever tried to make a website, you know the pains of either having to use restrictive website design software or having to learn complicated JavaScript, PHP, HTML or any other coding language, all of which gets overwhelming. Especially in the world of business where e-commerce is becoming ever-more prevalent and staying ahead of the curve is essential. That’s where Teksyte comes in.


Based in London, Teksyte is a website design service company, providing affordable marketing services from website design to Graphic design, Seo services to social media marketing. Teksyte knows that to stay in the world of e-commerce you need a comprehensive and dedicated team to help you increase your visibility. In the age of the internet, the traditional shop window has been replaced with a website and like the superb craftsmen they are, you won’t find a single plane out of place when you choose Teksyte to help you with your web design needs. With a portfolio of satisfied clients all with unique needs that Teksyte where able to cover, you’d be hard pressed to find a better web design agency in London, if not the rest of the UK.

Teksyte knows that having an e-commerce or a simple web-page will not enough to guaranteed the success. There are factors on e-commerce such as how human friendly it is, how a web page adapt in different screens (responsive),  how fast can be accessed, pictures, colours schemes, this factors are for human or potential clients to experience on any e-commerce; but there are countless factors for search engines and their algorithms at the moment to index any e-commerce web-page such as: cache, security, SSL, compressed and tagged pictures, description and snippets on each product/page, social presence,  just to mention a few. Teksyte know all this very well and so they take personal attention to each client to provide the with not only and e-commerce website but with an exceptional e-commerce fully optimised!  the benefits that having Teksyte working for you bring are invaluable.


To update your online shop or start one from scratch, get in contact with us! As a London based web design agency, getting in contact with us is easy! We’re based near Stratford station at 51 Icona Point, E152JD, London. But even easier than that you can reach us at 02083332220 or to keep with the theme email us using our sites contact page to get a professional, friendly consultation that you can count on.

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