What makes a good website design?

Most Important Factors of Website Design

The internet is a busy and competitive space. It gives your prospective customers a wealth of choice. Before you can show your capabilities in your field, you will need to stand out from the crowd and give customers a reason to pick you. One way to stand out is through excellent web design. When customers arrive at your website you want them to be stunned by its stylishness, professionalism

Aesthetics and Performance of a Great Website

An ugly web page can instantly turn customers away from you. There is no right answer for the aesthetics of a good website. You should think about your customers and your brand when making aesthetic decisions, rather than just going for whatever is trendy. If you are working with a web designer, you should extensively go through their portfolio to make sure their aesthetic choices match your brand.

But there is no point in having a beautiful web page if it runs at a snail’s pace. All web designers need to think about how they optimise their web pages to make them run quickly on all devices. The two main aspects here are the speed of your web hoster and the cleanliness of your coding. By making sure your website has no unnecessary lines of code, and by choosing a fast hosting solution, your web page will perform like a supercar. To find out if you have done enough, there are an array of tools online to test the speed of your web page such as Test My Site.

Designing Secure Websites

While the aesthetics of your website and how it runs is important, these factors often overshadow the factor that can destroy any successful website. You need to ensure that you achieve the highest standard in the security of your web portal. If your website is not secure, it can quickly be consumed by cyber-criminals. Once they have control of your website, they can use your good reputation to send out convincing phishing emails or viruses. Businesses die from these attacks every day.

Many cyberattacks can be prevented by purchasing strong security features from your web host. But the best way to keep the cybercriminals at bay is through web design. Cybercriminals hate websites that have few entry points. A website with clear and concise coding is the nemesis of any cybercriminal attempting to hide malware on your site. You should also limit the amount of places on your site that the public can interact with as much as possible. Each place the public can post is a potential entry point for a cyber-criminal.

Game-Changing Web Design with Teksyte

Following the factors mentioned in this article will give you a good website, but they are not enough for a great website. Creating a great website is all about customising it to fit your specific needs. Teksyte offers website design services known for their use of modern tools to create websites that are perfect for their clients. What’s more, is that all Teksyte designed websites feature search engine optimisation to ensure your website gets the right traffic. Book a remote or London consultation to discover how Teksyte can optimise your website today.

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