Why your London Startup cannot ignore Search Engine Optimisation.

The simple fact of modern business is that whatever you do, most of your clients will come from online. And these clients must find you in a cluttered online world. The internet has made the world of your industry smaller, and you must compete with thousands of businesses just like your own.

The key to being found is making sure that, when people look up your industry on a search engine, your business is the first they find. This technique is known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Read below to discover crucial SEO techniques and why SEO is so important for startups.

Why is SEO so important for Startups?

Your startup can bring an incredible and totally unique approach to your industry. It can bring untold quality or affordability. But the modern world of business is brutal and if you cannot find clients your business will not survive.

It is normal that you may see adverts as the perfect way of avoiding worrying about. However, adverts are often totally unaffordable for startups and few people will click on adverts for a business they have not heard of. Having to pay to attract your entire client base is not sustainable. SEO allows you to find more customers with low additional costs. It allows customers to find you through your pre-existing websites. This is known as organic traffic and it is the base from which any business is built.

SEO Dos and Don’ts.

Your business will do superbly on search engines if you simply make your website better and more user-focused. The more engaging and unique your content is, the better it will rank. If you use the workarounds and tricks that are commonly given as advice too much, your site may be considered spam by the search engines.

Having said that, the keywords you use are important for your SEO. Your potential customers must have something to find you from. It is a good idea to investigate your competitors and what keywords they frequently use. When writing your content, you should make sure that these keywords are used in your titles, subtitles and occasionally within the text. Make sure you do not use the words too many times though!

Although it is sensible to borrow keywords from your competitors that rank well in search engines, you must not copy their content. As you can well imagine, this will reduce your customers’ confidence in you. It will also turn the search engines algorithms against you.

If you need more information on how to use SEO techniques, Google has produced an excellent guide to SEO techniques that can be found at Developers At Google.

Implementing your SEO Strategy.

Effective SEO is a matter of quality over quantity. The benefits that fantastic SEO can bring for your business’ exposure will be greater than anything else you can do. There are thousands of copywriters specializing in SEO available to boost your brand exposure. Finding a good one will certainly be a better investment than spending thousands of pounds on advertising.

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