WordPress Hosting


Whether you are looking for to build a personal website or a business website we can provide you with the perfect hosting plan, Teksyte is for you. Our website hosting services are powerful and reliable, providing our customers with one of the best hosting solutions on the market. Our hosting plans are bursting with features you will love, all backed by a great support and powered entirely by renewable energy.


Unparalleled Security

Security at Teksyte is paramount, with multiple firewalls, application security auto-patching, malware detection (such as ModSecurity and NAXSI) can block almost all malware infections, full account isolation (prevent phishing threats while allowing broad web access by isolating potentially risky traffic) and free one-click SSL certificates

WordPress Hosting


With over 300 Web Apps to Install
From your cPanel you can install a wide range of popular software with only one click, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento & many more – no difficulties or technical knowledge required! Managing your installed software, perform backups and handle upgrades never being easy in a hosting provider.We encourage you to read and know more about our exclusive SEO services and when you are ready, request a quote. If you have questions, please contact Teksyte on 020 8333 2220. We are an excellent search engine optimisation agency in London that is ready to help the success of your business!

Free Daily Website Backups

Daily backup with Teksyte Hosting solutions ensures a copy of the information of your webpage and configuration that can be used to re-create content in case of data loss. The backup is kept 30 historic revisions, included individual files, databases, email accounts or the entire account, or with Managed Restoration, let us do it for you!