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yahoo marketing

Firefox users in the US will have Yahoo as default search engine! from the marketing perspective Yahoo score big!

Since 2004, Google paid £178m to be Firefox’s for the  privilege of being the default search engine used in the Firefox browser.

The new marketing deal between Yahoo and Mozilla will applied to US and it’s unclear too whether Google will continue to pay Mozilla to be the default browser in countries outside the US like UK, Russia and China when the current deal ends in December. Mozilla isn’t saying.

The last time the deal ran out, in 2011, there was a brief partnership with Bing which was quickly wrapped up when Google re-signed. It is understand that at the time, Microsoft pushed up the bid price, which Google then trumped.

Mozilla and Yahoo have signed a five-year deal. As part of the deal, Yahoo is going to start honoring the Do Not Track feature when used by Firefox users to limit Yahoo’s ability to track user activity across the Web through advertisements. Yahoo is also going to roll out a new search interface for American Firefox users, starting in December.

This is probably the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years and the terms of the new search deal were not disclosed.

Now the big question here is, should Your SEO Marketing Strategy Include Yahoo and Bing? the answer is Yes!

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